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Inspired Passionpreneur Sisterhood to help you Unlock your Potential, Get Sh%t & Find your Flow

Our Mission

Our mission is to Support, Inspire, Connect, Co-Create and Empower Women Yogis, Coaches, Creatives & Wellness Experts to Get Sh%t Done, Overcome Overwhelm, Procrastination, & Perfectionism and feel On-Track to fully Rise & Shine!

How you Get Support here:

ūüĎĮ‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹIn-Flow Soul-Sister Mastermind¬†

Connection, Coaching, Feedback, Motivation, Accountability, Support

Mastermind sessions are Game-Changers.  You get it all: Highly-Personalised  support, plus ideas to help you save time and get clear and on the Right Track.  You'll connect with an intimate and enthusiastic group of like-minded high-vibing Sisters to share your projects, ideas and challenges. You'll Unlock your Potential, Elevate your Mindset, and Expand your View.  

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Flow Coaching & Mentoring

Get Clear, Release Blocks | Connect Passion &, Productivity | Feel Aligned & Empowered

Need help with #allthethings?  Ain't nothing like a good ol' 1-on-1 to get you motivated, accountable and back on your game.  These personalised sessions are a combination of Strategy and and Implementation.  We'll get you set up with any tech that may be slowing you down, and get you on track to creating more income, more impact, and more balance.

Learn more about my Empowered Flow Business Coaching Programs here.

ūüĆłIn-Flow Lounge

Connect. Collaborate. Educate

This is our dedicated interactive and collaborative space where we connect  (think a WAY better and less distracting Facebook!) share love and inspirations, support, motivation and accountability, and get opinions and feedback on specific projects.  We're also creating a living library of shared resources and education - from podcasts and articles to outsourced help.  You're also welcome and encouraged to share your events and offerings here.

✨Hey,  I'm Francie!

I know what it's like to be a struggling, overwhelmed and determined Yogi-preneur striving for a balance of thriving, and success, while remaining heart-centered, balanced and at peace.


Since creating my award-winning Yoga School & Retreat Center Business 5+ years ago, I've dedicated thousands of hours to study, learning trial-and-error, and figuring how to run successful in-person and virtual wellness business from the heart, and I'd love to share with you the gems of what I've learned along the way.


I have 15+ years experience as a celebrated international Yogi, educator, guide and facilitator, and am the founder of the award-winning Pure Flow Yoga School, originally based in Thailand, a bus

I've helped to support 1000+ people get un-stuck and feel more happy, focused and inspired to create their lives with with more purpose, meaning, space, joy and freedom, and I’d love the opportunity to help you too.


Our time together will empower you on your next steps, kit you out with practical new tools, and inspire you to stay accountable to your practice and purpose.


You’ll get individualised guidance, resources and action plans and practice programs to help support YOU as an individual on your personal spiritual, mental, emotional. and physical journey.

Within these 1:1 Flow Sessions & Group Masterminds, you'll Get Clear on your Vision, Get Sh%t Done, and Feel Good & Empowered in how you share your offerings with the world.

You can learn more about me and my range of offerings here:


Are you Ready to Up-Level your Business? 

Let's do this.

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